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Quotes I recently bought a red/cream female that I promptly named Suki. She's delightful and sweet. She sleeps under the covers with me at night and nuzzles and licks me to show her love. I am thrilled with her and she seems to be quite happy with me too! Everyone enjoys meeting and cuddling her; she's quite a hit with friends and family. I fashioned a soft cuddly sweater for her out of a fluffy sock (she's too small for a bought one, yet) and she enjoys it so much that she sits perfectly still as I put it on her. She's not nervous around children (my grands have now met her) nor is she around visitors. I'm delighted with my little Suki. Quotes
Deborah King
Suki's Mom

Quotes Absolutely wonderful experience, being somewhat new to the cat world this species of cats has really been an eye opener for me. I asked if these kittens are personalbe and what a surprise! He follows me to the bathroom and everywhere I go, and the most wonderful sleep buddy one can ask for, like having a small electric blanket snuggled up next to you. I love him! And Carolyn and Kim are what breeders are supposed to be, very informative and pleasurable and has answers to any of your questions and if you forgot all you have to do is call! You get all the service you need before and after the sale!! Thank you Carolyn and Kim I enjoyed meeting you both and your beautiful "Sphynx" family. Quotes
Happy Campers!

Quotes Thank You so much for our awesome lil Sphynx kitten.. He is the coolest lil dude ever!! For anyone looking for a great Kitten and a Great Breeder who truly cares about her Sphynx babies I would Highly Recommend Carolyn and Spa City:)) Thanks again for our lil Bentley BALDwin"aka" (Ringo) lol... Quotes
Robin Mckinght-Fazier

Quotes Me and my husband picked up our new baby yesterday 7/9/2011 and Maddox is perfect!! Carolyn was there to answer any question i had BEFORE and AFTER i picked him up...she has been great!! Maddox is so sweet we are so lucky we found Carolyn and Spa City Sphynx!! Quotes
Stephanie Chreene

Quotes Just purchased a wonderful sphynx kitten from Spa City Sphynx. Couldn't be happier about the whole transaction and the new member to our family. My son is captivated by the kitten and really enjoys playing with her. Her temperament is very sweet and she loves to give affection and demands your attention. We are still picking out a name for her, but she has lots of personality so I'm sure we'll find one that fits just right. Carolyn and Kim were a pleasure to work with. Thanks so much! Quotes
Wonderful experience

Quotes I recently bought a sphynx kitty from Carolyn with Spa City Sphynx, I am very satisfied! He is such a loving little boy and not afraid of people... she treats her kittens like pets so they are used to the new forever home owners and not scared.. unlike some that are caged and treated like money makers! She does this because she loves it.. its not a job! Zuko was vet checked and has a clean bill of health! Hes a blessing to our family and I will always thank Carolyn for our baby boy!! Quotes

Quotes I recently went on " the great hunt " for my daughter a Sphynx for Christmas. After searching every website I prayed God if its meant to be just send us one and then we found Spa City Sphynx. Carolyn is so easy to work with and was willing to be flexible with our Christmas schedule. Her Kitties are of high quality health and beautiful! I was really impressed, our kitten although young is litterbox trained and doesnt mind her bathtime. I had our little Sakarra vet checked and she came back with a clean bill of health. I highly recommend Spa City Sphynx if you are looking for healthy happy kitties. We love cuddling with our newest family member. Thanks so much! Quotes
Carla Shelnutt
customer/ new friend

Quotes I would like to share with everyone that I LOVE my new family member Tori. She is a beautiful, playful, healthy kitten that i just purchased from Spa City Sphynx. Thanks so much Carolyn Quotes
Suzette Siegler

Quotes I have bought from Carolyn and I am extremely pleased with my baby girl, she was everything I expected her to be and more! She is a wonderful breeder and I highly recommend her. Quotes

Quotes I have a Mackeral Male Kitten from Spa City Sphynx, and he is amazing! He is the sweetest kitten and is healthy, smart and beautiful! I would HIGHLY recommend Spa City Sphynx to anyone who is interested in buying a HIGH quality Sphynx! Quotes
Spa City Sphynx Rocks!