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If you are ready to commit to a lifetime of love and affection, then we have provided an easy way to purchase your sweet Sphynx baby! The link below takes you directly to PayPal, and you can either click on the Deposit Button to send your Deposit, or the Buy Now Button to pay in full on the Sphynx of your choice! Please contact us first before you send any money, so we can be sure the kitten you desire is still available.  When paying with Paypal you MUST add 5% to your payment to cover Paypal's fees. 

 Click here if you are ready to pay for your kitten in full:

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Or click here if you are ready to make a Deposit:

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Thank you for viewing our sweet Sphynx Kittens! Let us know if we can answer any questions for you!


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  • "I picked up my little man, Jack, last week from Spa City. I have been searching for over a year to find a kitten without a long waiting list and at a reasonable price. Carol..."
    FINALLY got my dream kitty <3
  • "I bought a four year old female sphynx cat from Carolyn last week that was exactly like she told me she was! Carolyn answered all of my question and I liked seeing her cats run..."
    Crystal Moore

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