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Quotes I picked up my little man, Jack, last week from Spa City. I have been searching for over a year to find a kitten without a long waiting list and at a reasonable price. Carolyn initially responded to my inquiry within a couple hours and was so sweet and professional. She set me up with everything I needed to take Jack home including all his vet information. Very impressed! Thanks again Carolyn! Chelsea R. & Jack - Nashville, TN Quotes
FINALLY got my dream kitty <3

Quotes I bought a four year old female sphynx cat from Carolyn last week that was exactly like she told me she was! Carolyn answered all of my question and I liked seeing her cats running around in her house not in cages! Everything she promised about this cat was true! She's a great breeder and I will definitely get another one from Spa City Sphynx again! Thank you Carolyn Quotes
Crystal Moore

Quotes I wanted to wait a month before giving my testimonial; that way we could get to know Harry well and brag on him the way he deserves. First of all, I think it's awesome that I had already decided on naming my male Harry before I knew you had a cat available already named Harry. He is such a blessing to our family! I've always wanted a sphynx, and I feel like we hit the jack pot with Harry! He is loving, playful, energetic, and the best snuggle partner ever! Carolyn, thank you for being so open to our family coming to meet your wonderful cats and for being honest with us about the pros and cons! I will say, with Harry, there are really no cons!! Also, thank you for being understanding about my husband's allergies... I am so grateful that he is not allergic to Harry and we were able to keep him. Thank you thank you thank you!!! We couldn't be more happy with our beautiful sphynx, Harry!!! Quotes
Emily Hornbeck-Loy

Quotes October 12, 2012 I went to Hot Springs Arkansas yesterday to pick up a Female dilute torti named Faith. I had not previously had a sphynx or met the ladies from Spa City Sphynx, so I didn't know what to expect. I was absolutely blown away when Carolyn invited me inside. All her cats were clean and wanting to meet me with purrs, making biscuits on my lap. When Faith came in the room, I thought I was going to cry. She is so beautiful and has a personality to die for. I was amazed with her instantly. Carolyn was so nice to answer my questions with confidence while making me feel completely at home. She took the time to go over the paperwork and I happily paid the remaining balance I owed for Faith. Being almost 400 miles away from Hot Springs, I would highly recommend these ladies to anyone wanting to acquire a sphynx family member because the honesty is there.Faith is so precious to me. Totally adorable and so sweet. Thank you Carolyn and Kim for my baby! Quotes
Tami Hartman
Very Satisfied Mom

Quotes We gave the girls their new kittens (spock & speckles) last night - THEY ARE IN LOVE! My middle daughter, Shiley (11), who has allergies and has been begging for a pet, instantly burst into tears she was sooooo happy! My youngest one, Bella (5), has been carrying them around like babies, and snuggling them during nap time! My oldest daughter Jae (13) didn't want to go to school today so she could stay home and luv them up! Thank you so much, the kittens are AMAZING! Shane Quotes
Shane Butler Rose

Quotes "A few days ago I received Blossom, a green eyed calico Sphynx. Working with Carolyn was a great experience. She gave me the information for her veterinarian so that my veterinarian could learn more about her breeding business and Blossom, in particular. The veterinary practice where Carolyn takes her cats had nothing but positive feedback, which my veterinarian said was sign of a responsible breeder. Carolyn was available for my numerous questions, responsive to my concerns, and honest and friendly. It was a pleasure to work with her. Blossom came by Delta Cargo, and Carolyn sent her with all the supplies Blossom needed as well as her pedigree and health history. I would definitely work with Carolyn again. The cat has a sweet disposition and is very healthy. Thank you, Carolyn!" Quotes
Kerri Steenwerth

Quotes I had a great experience with Carolyn and Kim at Spa City Sphynx! After allowing us to meet the kittens and parents at 4-weeks-old, we chose one and named him Max. Carolyn and Kim kept us up-to-date with photos and what Max was up to. We brought Max home and he was happy and well adjusted within minutes! He even slept all the way home instead of meowing and trying to escape his carrier (hooray!) He ate and used the litter box right away too. The next day we took him to our vet where he received many compliments and a clean bill of health. Max loves playing and snuggling and we love Max! After meeting Carolyn and Kim in their homes, I know they raise their kittens with love. Thanks! Quotes
Jennifer Haddock

Quotes Thank you so much for my "naked baby", we all love him so much. We've yet to give him a proper name, but when we do i'll let you know. I'll b sure to let everyone know ur cats r the best. Sommer Boswell Quotes
Sommer Boswell

Quotes I got a female kitten from Carolyn and Kim . She is a doll. I named her Rapunzel . They really care about their furless babies. I plan on getting another sphynx in the future and will go back to them to get it. It may be sooner than I want cause my grand daughter keeps her with her. Repunzel is smart and adjusted very well to my family. Quotes
Love my kitten

Quotes My wife and I have bought a great cat from Spa City Sphynx. Carolyn & Kim was very nogable about the bread and worked with us on picking him up. We would recomend Spa City to anyone looking for a Sphynx cat. A few of our neighors are looking at maby getting one we will send them to Spa City to get theres. Quotes